Teacher: Jenny Lussier

Jenny Lussier

Email and Phone Number:

jlussier@parishhill.org, 860.455.9584 ext 4044

Courses Taught:

High school/Middle school PE, Health

Textbooks Used:


High School Grading:

4 3 2 1
Behavior/ Models exemplary behavior, Consistently follows rules, Inconsistently follows rules, Rarely follows class rules,
Readiness to always follows class rules, on time, full P.E. attire tardy, missing part of P.E. tardy, missing all P.E. clothes
participate on time, full P.E. attire, not disruptive, needs a outfit, occasionally disruptive frequently disruptive, not
not disrupting others, reminder to listen during talking out during instruction, listening/talking during
listening attentively during instruction, treats equipment multiple reminders about instruction, displays
instructions, treats equipment with care. behavior, occasional misuse frustration inappropriately,
with care. of equipment repeated misuse of equipment.
Effort High level of participation, Consistent daily effort, good Needs some reminders to Participates only upon
self-motivated, demonstrates level of participation, participate, limited action to demand, little movement
desire to improve personal maintains personal fitness, improve fitness, participates during activity, socializes,
fitness, plays an active active position – most of the only under observation/ will move if the play comes to
position entire time time verbal encouragement them
Affective/ Respectful of self and others, Supportive of classmates, Needs occasional reminders Needs frequent reminders
Teamwork helps others without treats equipment with care, not to argue with others, to not argue/speak & act
prompting, cooperates with exhibits positive and fair occasionally has input in respectfully/exhibit positive
others the entire time, game play, cooperates most organizing the group, & fair game play, rarely offers
understands/plays by rules of the time, understands/ cooperates only under verbal input, rarely plays by or
holds others accountable for plays by the rules, regularly encouragement of teacher, understands the rules,
positive/fair game play, attempts new activities with plays by the rules (most of little to no willingness to try
always willing to try new good energy/attitude the time), sometimes tries new activities, argues with
activities with great energy new activity (may complain) teacher
Knowledge & Demonstrates an excellent Demonstrates fundamental Demonstrates limited Inadequate skills with little
Skill understanding of skill, skills & strategies, performs knowledge of skills, performs to no development, poor
Development strategies, & concepts.  Puts most skills with ease.  Student most skills at introductory understanding of concepts,
forth full effort in improving demonstrates acceptable level, limited understanding minimal effort in improving
skills. effort in improving skills. of concepts, some effort skills.
in improving skills.



  • class preparation, participation in discussions, completion of in class assignments
  • unit projects/major assignments (school wide rubrics)