Medication Policy

Parish Hill Middle/High School

Administration of Medications in School Guidelines

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The administration and storage of medication in schools is regulated by Connecticut State Law. An Authorization Of Medication By School Personnel form must be completed annually for any medications your child may need during school hours. These forms must be filled out by a doctor, dentist or an advanced practice registered nurse. This form must also be signed by the parent or legal guardian. Please review this information outlining the appropriate procedures.

 Written permission is necessary from an authorized prescriber before any over-the-counter or prescription medication may be administered. This must be done by completing a Medication Authorization Form, which is available on the school website and in the health office. (There is a separate form for Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and cough drops in school. That form only requires a parent signature and will be sent to all parents and guardians before the start of each school year).

 An authorized prescriber means a physician, dentist, APRN, or physician assistant.

 Student may not self-carry any medications without permission of the prescriber, parent and school nurse.

 Only a 90 day supply of medication can be accepted by the school at one time.

 Medication must be in the original labeled pharmacy container. (No substitute containers may be accepted).

 Responsible adults must deliver and pickup unused medication. (Connecticut Law defines responsible adult as someone 18 years of age or older). Please bring these medications directly to the school nurse. Other school personnel are not permitted to accept medications except in extenuating situations.

 No medication may be sent to school with a student or transportation employee.

 Self-administration of certain medications may be allowed with written permission of the parent, physician and school nurse.

If your child is attending a field trip that extends beyond normal school hours and requires medications, please contact the health office at least one week prior to make necessary arrangements.


If you have any questions, please contact the Parish Hill Health Office at 860-455-9584 ext. 4017.