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Students must be Healthy to be Educated and Educated to be Healthy

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Health and Wellness at Parish Hill:

Daily Screening Protocols For Home

Students who maintain a healthy physical, social, and emotional status are better prepared to learn and achieve higher levels of academic success. Parish Hill is committed to providing a healthy and safe learning environment that promotes and protects children’s health and ability to learn. This is a collaborative effort between parents, faculty, students and outside health care providers.

As the school nurse, I am committed to providing your child with the skills to build a foundation for lifelong health literacy. Health literacy is an individual’s capacity to obtain, interpret, and utilize health information and services, and have the competence to use the information in ways that will enhances one’s health. Please assist me in protecting the health of all students by adhering to the district guidelines and State of Connecticut policies listed below.

  • School Absence: Please report absences or tardies to the attendance secretary. You may also wish to speak with the school nurse if your child has symptoms or a diagnosis of a contagious illness (such as influenza, strep throat or vaccine-preventable disease), will miss more than 3 days of school due to illness, has an injury (such as crutches, sutures, casts, concussion) or if your child will have a surgical procedure.

Informing the school nurse of injuries or new medical problems allows the nurse to provide your child with optimal care for academic success during the school day and helps prevent the spread of illness to other students and faculty members. Students who are ill must be free of vomiting or fever for 24 hours before returning to school. If you are unsure if your child is ready to return to school after an illness, please contact the school nurse or your child’s physician.

  • Early Dismissal Due To Illness: Students must come to the health office for an assessment in order to receive an Excused Nurse Dismissal. If your child calls or texts you that they are not feeling well, tell them to report to the nurse’s office for an assessment.
  • Screenings: Screenings will be conducted in the health office annually for grade 7 (scoliosis), grade 8 (hearing and scoliosis) and grade 9 (vision and scoliosis). A referral will be sent home for any student who does not pass a screening. Please feel free to contact the health office at any point in the school year if you have a specific concern about your child’s hearing, vision or posture.

Forms required at the beginning of each school year:

  1. Emergency Information Form, filled out in its entirety. Please include at least 3 other contacts who will assume temporary care of you child if you cannot be reached.

These forms are valid for one school year and must be completed by the first day of school. Students without these completed forms may not be permitted to attend off-ground field trips for safety purposes until they are received.


Students will need a physical during grade 9 for entry into grade 10 and during grade 6 for entry into grade 7.
State of Connecticut Health Assessment Record

The State of Connecticut Health Assessment Record for students entering grade 10 must have the front completed by the student’s parent or legal guardian and the back completed by the examiner.  Physicals must be completed within one year prior to the first day of grade 10.  Please visit for the full legal requirements for school entry.

No students entering grades 7 or 10 may start school without a complete examination, appropriate immunizations, and documentation.

According to Regional District #11 Board of Education policy, every student trying out and participating on a school sport team must submit Sports Participation Health Record form to the school nurse each year.  This form is good for 12 months from the date the physical was completed.

  • The front side of the sport physical form including permission to participate, must be filled out and signed by parent/guardian
  • The physician must complete and sign the backside of the form.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

*If a student-athlete participating in sports will be carrying their (a) inhalant medications prescribed to treat asthma or (2) medication administered by injection for students with a medically diagnosed allergic condition be sure to have their prescriber’s self-administration authorization box checked on the student’s Medication Administration Authorization Form. Students without the required forms and prescribed emergency medications will not be permitted to practice or play sports until this is completed. 


Students enrolling at Parish Hill from another state or country must provide a health examination dated within a year of the enrollment date to the school system.  This physical examination must meet all requirements of Connecticut State Law and local health policies.  A tuberculin risk assessment is also required.  If no proof is presented, the student will be excluded from school.


Students who do not have the required forms and/or prescribed medications for life-threatening or serious health conditions (asthma, diabetes, allergic reaction) in the health office may not be permitted to attend off-grounds field trips for safety purposes.  Please contact the school nurse if you feel your child needs a special accommodation on a field trip so we may assist your child.


Does Your Child Have Health Insurance?
If your child is uninsured and you would like to participate in Connecticut’s HUSKY Health program call the HUSKY information hotline: 1-877-CT-HUSKY (1-877-284-8759).  You can also apply by phone or request information via the Husky website.