Financial Aid and Scholarships

  1. FAFSA, the Free Application for Student Aid. Create your FAS ID early! Click here to access the FAFSA website.
  2. Naviance Scholarship Search: Click here to login to Naviance and access their available scholarships. To access the scholarships:
    1. Login to Naviance and then click “Colleges” on the bar at the top.
    2. Under “Scholarships and Money,” click one of the three options to view available scholarships. Most scholarships will be found under “Scholarship Search.” To view details about a particular scholarship, click “See Full Details.”
  3. CSS Financial Aid Profile :  The College Board provides this service to students at a cost. Some colleges require the form to be completed. Go to
  4. College cost projector (loan calculator, savings calculators, EFC calculator –
  5. Connecticut Student Loan Foundation: A link to a leading provider of student loans in Connecticut.  Also offers great resources on career and college financial planning.  Please click here for the: CSLF Parent Guide to Financial Aid
  6. Findaid: The smart student guide to financial aid.
  7. Salliemae: The nation’s leading provider of student loans, helping millions of Americans achieve their dream of a higher education.

Please contact school counselors Mrs. Baran or Ms. Newman with any questions.