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Mission Statement:

The Parish Hill Booster Club was founded to recognize the achievements of individual athletes and teams, to support the Athletic department and to promote Pirate Pride through sports.

Fundamental to the success of the booster club is volunteerism and fundraising.  The involvement of parents, friends and the community at-large supports the development of our student athletes. Fundraising provides financial support to hold various events throughout the school year and to purchase needed items to enhance the PHHS and PHMS athletic teams. All competitive teams benefit from dollars raised by the Booster Club.

Membership in the booster club is open to all who wish to support our athletic program and believe in our Mission Statement.

Athletic Support in the Community: As important as it is for the community to support PHHS and PHMS athletic teams, it is critical the athletic teams support the community. The Boosters are proud to highlight the ways PHHS and PHMS teams have supported the community through a myriad of events, such as:

-Road side clean-up of Parish Hill Road

-Special Olympics

-Read Across America (local elementary schools)

-Junior Pirates Program (local elementary schools)

-Spring Fest on the Hill