The PARISH HILL SPORTS BOOSTERS (hereinafter the “Boosters”) is a non-profit organization established solely for the purpose of fostering the athletic programs of Parish Hill High/Middle School, Chaplin, Connecticut (the “School”).

I.          PURPOSE

            The purpose of the Boosters club is to support the athletic programs of the School.


            The Officers of the Boosters organization shall serve for, but are not limited to, one (1) year commencing with their installation at the Annual Meeting to be held on or before June 30 each year.  The Officers are as follows:

            A.        President

                        The President shall:

                        1.         Conduct all Annual, Regular and/or Special Meetings;

                        2.         Set the agenda for each meeting;

                        3.         Oversee all functions and events sponsored by the Boosters;

                        4.         Serve as liaison with the School administration and Athletic  
                                    Director regarding any Booster’s matters; and

                        5.         Be a signatory on any and all Booster’s bank accounts.

             B.        Vice President

                        The Vice President shall:

                        1.         In the absence of the President, conduct any and all Annual, Regular
                                    and/or Special Meetings;

                        2.         Assist the President in overseeing events and communications with
                                    the School administration; and

                        3.         Be a signatory on any and all Booster’s bank accounts.

            C.        Secretary


                        The Secretary shall:

                        1.         In the absence of the President and Vice President, conduct any and
                                    all Annual, Regular and/or Special Meetings;

                        2.         Record the attendance at and the minutes of any and all Annual,
                                    Regular and/or Special Meetings;

                        3.         Report, in writing, both the attendance and the minutes of the
                                    previous Regular Meeting as well as the attendance and minutes of
                                    any and all Special Meetings held since the previous Regular Meeting;

                        4.         File the minutes of any and all meetings in chronological order so that
                                    said minutes can be retrieved for future reference;

                        5.         Receive and report on all correspondence addressed to the Boosters;

                        6.         Keep on file all correspondence sent by the Boosters;

                        7.         Provide each new member with a copy of the Boosters organization
                                    Bylaws; and

                        8.         Be a signatory on any and all Booster’s bank accounts.

                        D.        Treasurer

                        The Treasurer shall:

                        1.         Maintain the Boosters organization financial records;

                        2.         Deposit all monies generated by the Boosters;

                        3.         Provide a written report of the following at each Regular Meeting:

                                    a.         The balance of funds on account as of the previous Regular

                                    b.         All income received, by source, since the previous
                                                Regular Meeting;

                                    c.         All expenses incurred and/or paid, by payee, since the
                                                previous Regular Meeting;

                                    d.         A list of all monies dedicated but not yet expended on Booster-
                                                approved activities; and

                        4.         Maintain current inventory of equipment purchased;

                        5.         Complete end of the year report (January – December) and present it
                                     to membership at the first Regular Meeting of the new School year;

                        6.         Be a signatory on any and all Booster’s bank accounts.


A.        A slate of potential officers shall be compiled at a Regular Meeting prior to the
            Annual Meeting.

B.        Officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting by a simple majority of the
           members present at such meeting.

C.        Vacancies created by an Officer resigning shall be filled by election of the members
            at the next Meeting. 


            A.        Annual Meetings

                        The Boosters shall meet on or before June 30th each year to appoint officers
                        for the next School year.

            B.        Regular Meetings

                        The Boosters shall meet monthly during the School year, on a date and at a
                        site to be designated by the President.  At the discretion of the Officers, the
                        meeting may be rescheduled.

            B.        Special Meetings

                        A Special Meeting may be held whenever deemed necessary by the Officers. 
                        All members shall be notified as to the date, time, and place of any and all
                        Special Meetings.

            C.        Agenda

                        Each Annual, Regular and/or Special Meeting (“Meeting”) shall consist of:

                        1.         The President’s Call to Order;

                        2.         The Secretary’s Report of the Minutes;

                        3.         The Treasurer’s Report;

                        4.         Correspondence received and sent;

                        5.         Old Business;

                        6.         New Business;

                        7.         Other Business; and

                        8.         Motion to Adjourn.


A.        Membership is open to anyone interested in fostering the interscholastic athletic
            programs of the Parish Hill High/Middle School.

B.        Only members that are listed on the official Booster roster can vote on Booster
           decisions and expenditures at Annual, Regular and/or Special Meetings.

VI.       BYLAWS

            These Bylaws may be changed and/or amended if said change or addition is
            approved by a majority vote of the members present at an Annual, Regular and/or
            Special Meeting and only after the change or addition, in its final form, has been
            brought before a previous Meeting.


A.        All activities must conform to the goal and purpose of the Boosters organization
           which is the fostering of interscholastic athletic programs of the School.

B.        All purchases made by a Booster member require a receipt.  Any purchase less than
           Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) must have prior approval from one Booster officer,
           and reimbursement will be made to the Booster member when the receipt is
           submitted to the Treasurer.  All purchases of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) or 
           more must be presented at an Annual, Regular and/or Special Meeting and
           approved by a vote of the members present at such Meeting before payment is

C.        All requests by the athletic department must be presented with a quote or copy of a receipt by the Athletic Director and have prior approval of the School administration.  The requests will then be considered for approval by the Boosters at an Annual, Regular and/or Special Meeting, and a vote will be taken by the members present at that meeting.

D.        It is required by the Booster organization that all equipment purchased by the Boosters for the School athletic department must be maintained by a collaborative effort of the School administration, Athletic Director, and coaches of each team.  If at any time the Booster organization feels that equipment purchased by the Booster organization is not being maintained properly by the School, then the Boosters reserve the right to withhold further funding until the issues have been resolved to the Booster’s satisfaction.


            All assets of the Boosters organization, upon dissolution of the organization, shall be distributed to the Parish Hill High/Middle School, Chaplin, Connecticut, for the purpose of augmenting the interscholastic athletic budget thereof.  There shall and can be no other distribution of said assets.

The Bylaws of the Parish Hill Sports Boosters were approved on March 3, 2009.