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Find a Book from the Parish Hill Library by searching Destiny Discover (our online patron catalog).
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This collection of eBooks has hundreds of titles on a wide range of topics including Careers & Education, Criminology & Law, Medical & Health, Military & War, Sports & Entertainment, Women’s Studies, and much more. It also includes over 1,000 biographies of famous people. Click here if you need the login information.


See what books our 7th graders recommended in 2020-2021: 
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"Reverie" (ebook) coverA few weeks ago, Kane Montgomery was in an accident that robbed him of his memory. The only thing he knows for certain is that the police found him half-dead in the river. The world as he knows it feels different–reality seems different. And when strange things start happening around him, Kane isn’t sure where to turn.

And then three of his classmates show up, claiming to be his friends and the only people who can tell him what’s truly going on. Kane doesn’t know what to believe or who he can trust. But as he and the others are dragged into increasingly fantastical dream worlds drawn from imagination, it becomes clear that there is dark magic at work. Nothing in Kane’s life is an accident, and only he can keep the world itself from unraveling.

The high school book club, along with people across the globe, read Ryan La Sala’s Reverie in November 2020 as part of the Big Library Read. 

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Watt Key | Beast - Watt KeyAdam says he can’t remember where he was for the two months he went missing in a Florida swamp. That’s not true. He does remember. The truth: He was driving with his parents, and the car crashed when his father swerved to avoid colliding with a giant Sasquatch-like creature standing in the highway. Haunted by his parents’ disappearance and hounded for claiming to have seen Bigfoot, Adam sets off into the deadly wilderness on a hunt for answers as to what really happened that night. The answer he finds is more terrifying–and more fascinating–than he could have imagined.

Watt Key’s Beast: Face-to-Face with the Florida Bigfoot was published in April 2020 and is brand new to our library. Check it out today!



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. Students vote for their favorite books in each category every year in April!

2022 Middle School 7-8 Nutmeg Nominees: Click here for full-color descriptions.
2022 High School 9-12 Nutmeg Nominees: Click here for full-color descriptions.
* These books are ALL available in our library through Destiny and/or Sora. *

2021 Elementary, Intermediate, Middle, and High School Nutmeg winners (all available in Sora and/or our library)


2020 Intermediate, Middle, and High School Nutmeg winners (all available in our library)

2019 High School Nutmeg winner and nominees (available in our library):
        Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)

2019 Middle School Nutmeg winner and nominees (available in our library):
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