New Students

Welcome to Parish Hill!

We are always excited about new Pirates! All of the forms linked below are required before your student will be able to start. Once you have completed these forms you may fax them to 860 455 9081, email completed forms to, or call 860 455 9584 ext. 107 to schedule a time to drop them off. Proof of Residency is also required at the time of registration: A copy of your driver’s license, rental agreement/mortgage, or a utility bill are considered acceptable forms of proof of residency.

The health office requires a health assessment record or physical dated within the last year and up to date immunization records per grade level. Please follow this link for state health regulations or contact the school nurse at 860 455 9584 ext. 117 with any questions.

Once all forms and academic/health records have been received from the parent/guardian and from the student’s former school, we will be in contact with you to schedule a time to meet with a counselor to review your schedule and take a tour of the building before you start.

Required Forms

Registration Form

Language Survey

Release of Records

Student Health Information Form

Media Release

Chromebook Protection Plan and User Agreement

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Student Services at 860 455 9584 ext. 107 or email

December 2021