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Welcome back to school from the Math Department!  First, the department head and members are extremely proud of the school’s SBAC scores taken in May of 2016.    Parish Hill middle school students had a gain of 22.5% in their scores from last year -the highest in the state of Connecticut.  The seven grade students had 40.8% of its students meeting or exceeding the achievement standard state wide in mathematics with the state of Connecticut percentage being 41.8, just 1% above Parish Hill’s seventh grade.  The eighth grade students had 32.5% of its students meeting or exceeding the achievement standard in mathematics.  Congratulations to Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. LaChance for a job well done, and congratulations to all the middle school students!

On August 30th, 2016 Mrs. Griffin-Math Department Head met with Mrs. Christine Justice from The Norwich Free Academy to discuss curriculum and aligning the Student Achievement Test with the Common Core State Standards.  The meeting was extremely productive and Mrs. Griffin plans to go over the results with her department members at the next department meeting which will be on Monday, September 19th, 2016.

Mrs. LaChance is in the process of starting up math organization, “Math Counts” for the middle school students.  Practices will take place after school and during the X block on Thursdays as soon as the materials are received.  We hope that everyone had a nice Labor Day and is ready to do some math.

On Tuesday, September 27th, Mrs. Griffin’s math classes held their monthly drawing to reward her students for doing excellent bell work and being prepared for class.  Below please find some of the students with their happy faces and their prizes.  C period students were Hannah Bell, Sam Nunn, Tori Nurnberg and Taegan Praytor.





B period students were Sonnie Nixon, Mason Stoddard, Benjamin Blair-Combs, and Gracie Deveny.  E period students were Christian Jenkins, Erin Blanchard, and Jordan Carr.  D period students were Georgie Bennett, Sienna Ortiz, Dakota Stimson, and David Hill.  G period students were Darian Cintron, Dylan Ventilato, Kaci Williamson, and Kim Ladd.  Congratulations to all of these very well deserving students.  We all look forward to our next monthly drawing at the end of October!

The Algebra 1 classes of Mrs. LaChance and Ms. King have been working on fractal geometry and as such did a beautiful bulletin board to decorate the hallway.  Congratulations on a project well done!


Happy November from the Math Department!  Mrs. Griffin’s Essentials of Algebra 1 class recently performed a play focusing the correlation between shark attacks and ice cream.  Below please find a picture of our happy shark.   The students did a great job and are looking forward to their holiday project of writing a play about a famous mathematician.  On another positive note, Mrs. Griffin will be forming a Pi Committee to meet once every two weeks to prepare for Pi Day which is March 14th.img_0385-bb-in-play

This election week, the math department had a student use transformations on music notes.  Ms. King’s student-Gracie Martin did a beautiful job as shown by the below picture.  Congratulations on a job well done!



Today, “Math Counts” started with advisor Mrs. Andrea LaChance.  This organization is open to all middle school students and focuses on mathematical competitions, puzzles and challenges.  The organization will be holding its meetings every Thursday during X block.  The Math Department is hoping that this organization will be quite successful.

To celebrate the coming back from the holiday break, Mrs. Griffin had her monthly drawing for her seventh grade students to reward them for homework completion and completion of bell work. Notice their happy faces below.






Happy March from the Math Department!

The Math Department and the Pi Day Committee are in the process of preparing for the “most wondrous day of the year”-Pi Day on March 14th, 2017.  Preparations are going on for the baking of pies, the buying of supplies for pi necklaces, the buying of Pi T-shirts, pi pencils, the measuring of pi heads, and the reciting of Pi-an irrational number whose digits go on infinitely.

Contests will be taking place on the reciting of the digits of Pi and the winners who recite the most digits will have the choice of throwing a pie at a teacher’s face or winning a huge Hershey’s kiss.  Pies will be served in Mathematics classes and the  story- time of Sir Circumference and the Dragon of Pi will be ongoing.  Calculations of Pi will be done using dried spaghetti and Pi pencils will be given to students along with Albert Einstein pencils to celebrate Professor Einstein’s birthday.

To stay current with all of these preparations in the two weeks leading up to Pi Day, please glance through this page often to see pictures and updates,  and enjoy the “most wondrous day of the year for the Math Department.”

The Math Department and the Pi Day Committee at Parish Hill Middle High School in Chaplin had Pi Day, the “most wondrous day of the year”, on March 15th, 2017 (a day later due to Blizzard Emma on March 14th.

Students played pie games in class, learned about the origin of the irrational number pi, worked with pi calculations using spaghetti, measured pi heads, and high school students worked with middle school students on the memorization of the digits of pi. Pies were served in Mathematics classes, and the story of Sir Circumference and the Dragon of Pi was read to all the students.  Pi pencils were given to students along with Albert Einstein pencils to celebrate Professor Einstein’s birthday.

A contest took place to see who could recite the most digits of pi from memory with the winner, Max Blanchard, reciting an astounding sixty six digits!  For Max’s prize he had the opportunity to throw a pie in his favorite teacher’s face while students, staff, and faculty cheered him on.

It was certainly the “most wondrous day” for the math department, and students and staff were thrilled to be part of it.  We are all looking forward to next year’s Pi Day.

Pi Day 2017 #3

Pi Day 2017 #4

Pi Day 2017 #6Pi Day 2017 #5

Pi Day 2017 #7