Special Education

The Parish Hill Special Education Department supports the Parish Hill Core Values and Believes and strongly believes that every child can achieve!

Special Education is provided to a child, between the ages of 3 and 21 with an identified disability who needs a specially designed instructional program to meet his or her unique needs and to enable the child to access the general education curriculum. A student identified as a possible candidate for Special Education is referred to a child study team for initial intervention services.  If the student does not make progress, the child study team will refer the student to the multi-disciplinary Planning and Placement Team.

When recommended by a Planning and Placement Team, and with parental permission, certified and/or licensed professional staff members will evaluate the student to determine if the student qualifies for Special Education Services.  If the student qualifies for Special Education and Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) will be developed.  Parents are valuable partners in planning, evaluating and implementing their child’s program, as well as throughout their child’s educational career. Parents are encouraged to ask questions and take part in all aspects of their child’s education.

If you believe that your child has a disability, please begin by talking to your child’s teacher or School Counselor.  For further information, you may also contact the Special Education Office at 860-786-6038.

Building A Bridge
IEP Manual
Parents Guide
2018 parental notification of the laws relating to seclusion and restraint in the public schools

Special Education Documents: 

A Parents’ Guide to Special Education:


Procedural Safeguards:


IEP Manual:  http://www.ct.gov/dds/lib/dds/family/iep_guide_page_by_page.pdf

Transition Bill of Rights:


Parent Resources:

CT Parents Advocacy Center:  http://www.cpacinc.org/

Connecticut Bureau of Special Education:  https://portal.ct.gov/SDE/Special-Education/Bureau-of-Special-Education/Resources-for-Families