7th Grade Team

Team 7th

Please read this article on ways to help your middle school student thrive in school.  Parent involvement has been shown to be the number one indicator of a student’s academic success.

Another great article about life in middle school is Ten Truths Middle Schoolers Should Know.

Please check out lexile.com for valuable tips on improving your child’s reading and helping him/her choose books with the appropriate level of challenge.

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Added 11/28/17

The 7th Grade Team is proud to announce the recipients of our First Quarter Academic Awards.  Congratulations to the students named below for their sustained effort, class involvement, and excellence in their subject areas.  It is such a pleasure to have them in class!

Ethan Anderson- Science

Ava Johnson- World Geography

Angela Bojarski-English

Grace Quinn- 7th Grade Math

Ethan Jacobson- School Success Skills

Jenise Harding- Pre-Algebra

Added 01/16/18-  Please see the Science mid-term review guide below.  Students will also receive several individual review packets.  Please note: students may bring a large index card (provided by Mrs. Egan) and an outline of each essay question to the exam.  Please encourage your students to prepare these materials in advance.  Thank you!  7th Grade Midterm Study Guide 2018

The 7th grade math mid-term review guide…Review for 7th grade midterm exam for January 2018

The 7th Grade World Geography Exam Review…World geography Mid-Term review