7th Grade Team

Team 7th

Please read this article on ways to help your middle school student thrive in school.  Parent involvement has been shown to be the number one indicator of a student’s academic success.

Another great article about life in middle is Ten Truths Middle Schoolers Should Know.

Welcome to the Parish Hill Family!

Congratulations to the September and October Science Students of the Month!!   Hannah Bell, Violet Andrews, Kristie Zator, Lexi Smardon, Jory King, and Cy’leek Zaimoff are all off to an excellent start this year.  They are respectful classroom citizens, work hard, are conscientious about homework, and always try their best.  Keep up the good work!  You make Mrs. Egan proud!

11/15-  Bacteria Wanted! posters are due for Science class next week.  Students will have some time to research in school, but will need to complete their research packets and create their posters at home.  The due dates are Monday (11/21) (B period) and Tuesday (11/22) (C&E periods).   Please see the assignment here.  bacteria-most-wanted-poster

11/23–  The 7th Grade Team is proud to announce Quarter 1 awards for academic excellence.  The students named below have shown extraordinary scholastic effort and achievement and they have been excellent role models for their peers.  Their group photo is below.  Congratulations!

Science- Alexandra Smardon

Geography- Anna O’Connor

School Success Skills- Jason Salois

Math- Mary Smith

English- Violet Andrews


02/23/17-  The 7th Grade Team honored some exceptional students with  2Q Academic Awards today at lunch.    Please see a list of the recipients and their beautiful smiling faces below.  Congratulations to all on a job well done! 

Science- Anna O’Connor

School Success Skills- Sam Victoria

Math- Violet Andrews

Social Studies- Kristie Zator

English- Lexi Smardon

2Q Award Winners

Added 03/03/17-  Congratulations to the February Science Students of the Month!!   Jason Salois, Mary Smith, Kadie Christodore, are all excellent role models for their peers.  They complete their homework, participate in class discussions, are good citizens, and are extremely conscientious.  Keep up the good work!  You make Mrs. Egan proud!

Congratulations Mr. Tracy on the birth of Baby Althea on February 28th!    althea