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Notice for Records Destruction

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In accordance with state regulations, all special education/confidential records for students who graduated during the 2013/2014 school year or prior years will be destroyed the week of August 31, 2020. Any former Region #11 student who does not want their special education/confidential records destroyed must contact the Department of Special Education at 860-786-6038 prior to August 28, 2020. The destruction of confidential files does not include regular education records.

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AP English Summer Reading Assignments

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2020-2021 Summer Reading Assignments

AP Literature and Composition

The following assignments will be collected on the first day of school. Be prepared to take a test within the first full week of school after sum break. This practice exam will test your knowledge of both of your summer reading books within the AP Literature and Composition format.

You are responsible for obtaining copies of both books (Assignment #1 and #2). While you do not have to purchase the books—you can utilize your local libraries—it is recommended that you do purchase them for the purpose of highlighting and annotating.

If you have any questions or concerns over summer break, please feel free to send me an email

AP Literature and Composition 2020-2021 Summer Reading Assignments

AP Language and Composition 

The assignment for AP Language and Composition will be due on the first day of the 2020-2021 school year. Please email Mrs. Jeannotte with any questions 

AP Language and Composition 2020-2021 Summer Reading Assignments

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Summer Reading Assignment

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Dear Students,

The English Department at Parish Hill strongly feels that reading and writing is an integral part of your ongoing education. Therefore, you will be required to complete a summer reading assignment that will incorporate both reading and writing. This assignment will be due on the first day of school after summer break.

You may read ONE book of YOUR CHOICE for this assignment. The book that you choose should reach a minimum page count based upon the grade upon which you are entering:

Grade 7:  130 pages                Grade 8: 150 pages                 Grade 9: 175 pages

Grade 10: 200 pages               Grade 11: 230 pages               Grade 12: 250 pages

Please email any questions about this assignment to your assigned English teacher; teacher emails can be located on the school website. You may also email the English Department Key Teacher; Mrs. Fontaine, at

Summer Reading Instructions

Parish Hill Library/Media Center

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Summer Math Work

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Summer Math 2020

All students entering grades 7-12 should complete 10 hours of mathematics in Khan Academy on topics assigned for middle school and on the topic “SAT Test Prep” for high school. This work will be due to the teacher they have in the fall for mathematics. The total amount of active time should be ten hours.

The summer slide is real and usually has an impact of a 30% decline in learning. This summer the percent decline nationwide is predicted to be 50% because of the combination of summer months and distance learning. Please ensure your teen spends ten hours reviewing past topics such as fractions, decimals and percents (great for all students) and for older students a quick review of Algebra 1 is helpful for students entering Algebra 2 and subsequent courses.

Students taking AP Calculus and AP Statistics next school year will have additional summer math requirements and should contact the below teachers via email as soon as possible.  Materials may be picked up at Parish Hill.

Please email teachers below, as appropriate, to get connected to Khan Academy and/or with questions.

Mrs. Lachance (7th & 8th grade math)

Mrs. Griffin (8th grade Algebra, 12th grade Financial Algebra)

Mrs. Conner (Algebra 1, Geometry, Honors Geometry, PreCalculus and AP Calc)

Mrs. Abbey (Algebra 2, Honors Algebra 2 & AP Statistics)

Seniors will have the opportunity to take the SATs in the Fall (as they were not able to this Spring)

9-11 grades will be taking the PSATs in the Fall, with Juniors taking the SATs in the Spring.

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Virtual Awards Ceremony

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As we are unable to congregate in person this year to celebrate the achievements of our students, please accept our “Virtual Program” in lieu of the 2019 – 2020 Awards Ceremony. Please click on the links located in the underlined award titles to be taken to a message from staff. A tip, hold down Ctrl f to access the find function to quickly look for your students name.  Congratulations to all of our students for their hard work this year. Have a wonderful summer.

High School                               Middle School

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Fourth Quarter Honor Roll

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Student Grade Level
Benedict, Brooke Elizabeth 12 High Honors
Blanchard, Maximilien 12 High Honors
Bolduc, Maggie 12 High Honors
Burnham, Rebeca Susan 12 High Honors
Card, Benjamin 12 High Honors
Dunn, Ethan D. 12 High Honors
Horning-Kane, Gavin Noah 12 High Honors
Kemp, Aidan 12 High Honors
Leone, Kellee Ann 12 High Honors
Smardon, Rajchel Leigh 12 High Honors
Stimson, Madisyn McKenzie 12 High Honors
Sullivan, Ava 12 High Honors
Sweat, Elizabeth Marie 12 High Honors
Anderson, Emma Paige 11 High Honors
Benito, Kyle Jay 11 High Honors
Brine, Cuyler Robert 11 High Honors
Freed, Brent Thomas 11 High Honors
MacNaughton, Daniella Leanne 11 High Honors
Meister, Nicholas Gunnar 11 High Honors
Potter, Austin 11 High Honors
Santiago, Alexandra Ameyali 11 High Honors
Shannon, Savannah 11 High Honors
Andrews, Violet Angelina 10 High Honors
Gailey, Matthew Logan 10 High Honors
Landolphi, Joseph Anthony 10 High Honors
Pawlikowski, Lindsey M 10 High Honors
Smardon, Alexandra P 10 High Honors
Victoria, Samuel J 10 High Honors
Zator, Kristie A 10 High Honors
Beaulieu, Owen John 9 High Honors
Bojarski, Angela Grace 9 High Honors
Johnson, Ava Rose 9 High Honors
Bill, Cameron Amos 8 High Honors
Boucher, Jack Henry 8 High Honors
Kemp, Ashlyn M 8 High Honors
MacNaughton, Jenna Alexis 8 High Honors
Marden, Ralph Emerson 8 High Honors
McElroy, Katherine Grace 8 High Honors
Pearl, Kaelyn J 8 High Honors
Quinn, Liam M 8 High Honors
Santos, Lexus A. 8 High Honors
Victoria, Gabriel Alden 8 High Honors
Becker, Hannah May 7 High Honors
Forostoski, Jesse M 7 High Honors
Hartley, Haley Sue 7 High Honors
Morell, Kaya Jun 7 High Honors
Murray, Jordyn Elizabeth 7 High Honors
Murray, Sadie Patricia 7 High Honors
Phouangphiarith, Julia Lynn 7 High Honors
Richard, Jackson D 7 High Honors
Rodriguez Rodriguez, Maria Dennisse 7 High Honors
Sholes, Ella Laurel 7 High Honors
Silva, Brady Stephen 7 High Honors
Tatulli, Anthony Nicholas 7 High Honors
Foster, Matthew 12 Honors
Mihok, Zachary E 12 Honors
Pinto, Angelo 12 Honors
Polanco Rodriguez, Jostin Rafael 12 Honors
Zaimoff, Kyler 12 Honors
Collins, Ruby S 11 Honors
Cordy, Jaden 11 Honors
Dupuis, Kaysie-Marie Joan 11 Honors
McElroy, Margaret A 11 Honors
Savino, Anthony Peter 11 Honors
St. Dennis, Emily 11 Honors
Tracy, Hannah Elizabeth 11 Honors
Ardila, Camilo 10 Honors
Bennett, Georgie Amanda 10 Honors
Landon, Eric 10 Honors
Rowntree, Vivian RR 10 Honors
Smith, Mary 10 Honors
Stoddard, Mason J 10 Honors
Stone, Aidan 10 Honors
Zaimoff, Cy’leek T 10 Honors
Anderson, Ava Shea 9 Honors
Anderson, Ethan 9 Honors
Cannon, Patrick 9 Honors
Missihoun, Gerry 9 Honors
Quinn, Grace 9 Honors
Robinson, Keith 9 Honors
Wilson, Macy Catherine 9 Honors
Benito, Kara Joanne 8 Honors
Falck, Johanna 8 Honors
Herman, Julia Maryann 8 Honors
Hovey, Nickolas A 8 Honors
Smith, William J 8 Honors
St. Dennis, Nicholas M 8 Honors
Hayes, Morgan Lee 7 Honors
Lovegreen, Sydney M 7 Honors
Stone, Ava M 7 Honors

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Selective Service

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If you are a man ages 18 through 25 and living in the U.S., then you must register with Selective Service. It’s the law. According to law, a man must register with Selective Service within 30 days of his 18th birthday. Selective Service will accept late registrations but not after a man has reached age 26. You may be denied benefits or a job if you have not registered. You can register at any U.S. Post Office or

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