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Fall Sports Meeting

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The Fall Sports Meeting for parents and coaches will be held on Monday, August 26th at 6pm in the auditorium.

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Fourth Quarter Honor Roll

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Congratulations to all Parish Hill Students!

Student                                                     Grade                            Level        

Jackiesha Anaise Aponte                        12                               High Honors

Mackayla Blanchard                                 12                               High Honors

Anna Bourassa                                           12                               High Honors

Emily DeCarli                                              12                               High Honors

Amber Hall                                                  12                               High Honors

McKenna Hence                                        12                               High Honors

Gracie Martin                                             12                               High Honors

Skyler Reid Sears                                      12                               High Honors

Aliyah Tomas                                              12                               High Honors

Dylan Ryan Werth                                     12                               High Honors

Kelsey Zator                                                 12                               High Honors

Brooke Elizabeth Benedict                    11                               High Honors

Maximilien Blanchard                            11                               High Honors

Benjamin Card                                           11                               High Honors

Gavin Noah Horning-Kane                    11                               High Honors

Kellee Ann Leone                                      11                               High Honors

Rajchel Leigh Smardon                          11                               High Honors

Elizabeth Marie Sweat                            11                               High Honors

Kyle Jay Benito                                          10                               High Honors

Brent Thomas Freed                                10                               High Honors

Nicholas Gunnar Meister                       10                               High Honors

Austin Potter                                               10                               High Honors

Alexandra Santiago                                  10                               High Honors

Savannah Shannon                                   10                               High Honors

Violet Angelina Andrews                        9                                  High Honors

Alexander Dominique                              9                                  High Honors

Joseph Anthony Landolphi                    9                                  High Honors

Brandon David DeGrasse                       9                                  High Honors

Vivian Rowntree                                        9                                  High Honors

Alexandra P Smardon                              9                                  High Honors

Mary Smith                                                   9                                  High Honors

Samuel J Victoria                                       9                                  High Honors

Kristie A Zator                                             9                                  High Honors

Owen John Beaulieu                                 8                                  High Honors

Angela Grace Bojarski                              8                                  High Honors

Caleb John Evans                                       8                                  High Honors

Caitlin Elizabeth Ferris                            8                                  High Honors

Rebecca Amy Harper                                8                                  High Honors

Ava Rose Johnson                                      8                                  High Honors

Janelle Adrianna Lambert                      8                                  High Honors

Gerry Missihoun                                         8                                  High Honors

Alaina Rousseau                                         8                                  High Honors

Amelia Caitlyn Withington                     8                                  High Honors

Charley Grace Bennett                              7                                  High Honors

Jack Henry Boucher                                  7                                  High Honors

Dylan Bruce Fernandes                            7                                  High Honors

Nickolas A Hovey                                        7                                  High Honors

Ashlyn M Kemp                                           7                                  High Honors

Ryan W Leone                                              7                                  High Honors

Jenna Alexis MacNaughton                    7                                  High Honors

Katherine Grace McElroy                        7                                  High Honors

Kaelyn J Pearl                                              7                                  High Honors

Liam M Quinn                                              7                                  High Honors

Haley Scanlon                                              7                                  High Honors

Gabriel Alden Victoria                             7                                  High Honors

Katelyn Benito                                            12                               Honors

Steven Gagne                                              12                               Honors

Abby Gluck                                                   12                               Honors

Megan Johns                                               12                               Honors

Maximilian Koiva                                      12                               Honors

Gavin LaBelle                                              12                               Honors

Patrick Lapenta                                          12                               Honors

Elizabeth Messier                                      12                               Honors

Faraise Stanley Missihoun                    12                               Honors

Arielle Simoneau                                      12                               Honors

Cyrus Sprague                                            12                               Honors

Kiana Stimson                                            12                               Honors

Maggie Bolduc                                            11                               Honors

Rebeca Susan Burnham                         11                               Honors

Ethan D. Dunn                                           11                               Honors

Aidan Kemp                                                11                               Honors

Cuyler Robert Brine                                10                               Honors

Marcos D Cabranes                                 10                               Honors

Jaden Cordy                                               10                               Honors

Kaylee Marie Estremera                        10                               Honors

Angelika Marie Garcia                            10                               Honors

Margaret A McElroy                                10                               Honors

Hannah Elizabeth Tracy                         10                               Honors

Hannah Bell                                                9                                  Honors

Sienna Ortiz                                                9                                  Honors

Jason G Salois                                            9                                  Honors

Isaiah E. Smallhorn                                 9                                  Honors

Mason J Stoddard                                     9                                  Honors

Liev Harold Andrews                               8                                  Honors

Elesia Bartlett                                             8                                  Honors

Brett James Burlingame                         8                                  Honors

Patrick Cannon                                           8                                  Honors

Gracie Cunningham                                  8                                  Honors

Cynthia DeCarli                                          8                                  Honors

Ethan Levi Jacobson                                8                                  Honors

Michael Monroe                                        8                                  Honors

Kalen Quickel                                             8                                  Honors

Grace Quinn                                                8                                  Honors

Dylan Roberts                                            8                                  Honors

Keith Robinson                                          8                                  Honors

Giana Texera                                               8                                  Honors

Macy Catherine Wilson                          8                                  Honors

Kara Joanne Benito                                 7                                  Honors

Cameron Amos Bill                                  7                                  Honors

Delaney Morgan Bill                                7                                  Honors

Aidan J Charland                                      7                                  Honors

Isabella Grace Chokas                             7                                  Honors

Jared Hartley                                              7                                  Honors

Julia Maryann Herman                          7                                  Honors

Ralph Emerson Marden                         7                                  Honors

Oskar Mieloch                                            7                                  Honors

Nicholas M St. Dennis                             7                                  Honors

Zachary T Tabor                                         7                                  Honors

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Math Summer Work

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Mathematics Summer Work for Incoming 7th Graders

Any students who do not choose to do the online assignments can do the corresponding hard copy below.

Entering 7th math summer work

Entering 8th math summer work

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8th Grade Through the Years

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Click here to watch the 8th Grade Slideshow created by Mrs. Tillona!

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Selective Service

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If you are a man ages 18 through 25 and living in the U.S., then you must register with Selective Service. It’s the law. According to law, a man must register with Selective Service within 30 days of his 18th birthday. Selective Service will accept late registrations but not after a man has reached age 26. You may be denied benefits or a job if you have not registered. You can register at any U.S. Post Office or

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